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Who’s this Guy? Guy Kawasaki, The Evangelist

Good tymze – What a shoot and an interview from last year in California.We had a great time in Silicon Valley with Garage Master Flash Guy Kawasaki on the set of filming the first CLUB PROs Series AND the first On the Road with iV pilot!!!!. Lost my notes, iPhone & my A/C laptop chord, but it was well worth it. Good times on this shoot – we’ll be filming Guy again soon. He is a very unique class of entrepreneur, venture capitalist, startup and now media guy.

I’ll also be writing a more in-depth Blog on Guy in the coming weeks because he has meant quite a bit to iV and I when it comes to getting our content engine going for CLUB E and for On the Road with iV. This is also my first test on blogging in wordpress and actually repurposing an old post. I’m throwing in one of my videos to see how it looks. I am giddy with excitement and just now feeling the joy (and weight) of getting to blog on a regular basis.

CLUB PROs shoot w/ Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawaski (Talent) & Lyn Graft (Producer which means non-talent šŸ™‚ CLUB PROs shoot w/ Guy